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Talented young private chef Neill Anthony – who is based in Cape Town – who trained in kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing and other big international cooking greats – gets invited to cook in the homes of prestigious clients, socialite friends, and fun-loving acquaintances transforming their dining experiences into exclusive and private dinner extravaganzas. Partnering with Okhule Media, local TV producers, has been the foundation to his TV journey. With his own 13-Part TV Series “Private Chef” – broadcast locally on South African television as well as on the screens of 98 countries within the EMEA region, Food Network has been the launch pad for his international exposure.

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No situation is too much to handle for Cape Town's
charismatic private chef Neill Anthony

You are invited to watch and learn as Neill conceptualises, sources and cooks restaurant quality food for private dinner parties – with all the professional chef tips included!

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[iron_promotion title=”Private Dinners” title_tag_name=”h1″ subtitle=”I’m based in Cape Town but happy to travel – especially in my new Clio4! Catering for parties ranging from champagne breakfasts to casual lunches and three-course dinners is all in a day’s work for a private chef. I like to bring something personal to every occasion I cater for. If you prefer a less formal approach, your dinner party can also be styled as a master class/cooking demonstration in your home.” subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” image=”3968″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” hover_animation=”slide” overlay_color=”#669a9b”]
[iron_promotion title=”Demonstrations” title_tag_name=”h1″ subtitle=”Would you like me to be part of your food demonstration, showing small to large gatherings how to prepare great tasty meals like professionals do. Send me your details below. ” subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” image=”3402″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” hover_animation=”slide” overlay_color=”#669a9b”]
[iron_promotion title=”Consultancy” title_tag_name=”h1″ subtitle=”With years of experience working in the restaurant industry, I can offer valuable advice and guidance to you and your staff. Not only to new ventures but also to existing establishments seeking a new lease on life!” subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” image=”3406″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” hover_animation=”slide” overlay_color=”#669a9b”]
[iron_promotion title=”Appearances” title_tag_name=”h1″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” hover_animation=”slide” image=”3401″ subtitle=”If you want me to attend your event, interact with your guests and talk all things food. Contact me today for more information.” overlay_color=”#669a9b”]
[iron_promotion title=”Bespoke Villa Experiences” title_tag_name=”h1″ subtitle=”Book a villa anywhere in the world and enjoy a the ultimate private chef experience in your villa each day. I will also recommend and secure bookings for you in Cape Town’s top restaurants. Contact me today for more information.” subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” hover_animation=”slide” image=”3411″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” overlay_color=”#669a9b”]
[iron_promotion title=”MC/Hosting” title_tag_name=”h1″ subtitle_tag_name=”h6″ title_align=”center” hover_animation=”slide” image=”3967″ title_color=”#ffffff” subtitle_color=”#ffffff” overlay_color=”#669a9b” subtitle=”Are you looking for a host or MC for your function, event, promotion or even a guest judge. Get in touch with me today for more information. “]


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